From Oncology Research To Coding Boot Camp?

From Oncology Research To Coding Boot Camp?

March 11th, 2019

Before Bitmaker Labs

I felt like it was necessary to make a blog post about my transition from working at the hospital within oncology research to being a web developer. Just last year I was introduced to working with visual basic application (VBA) on excel. During that time I was tasked with compiling large amounts of data onto one file as it was necessary for monthly meetings. This task was previously done manually, but I thought then what if it could be done automatically? I purchased my first coding book and jumped right into learning for loops. At first learning this new skill was a challenge, but in doing so, I learned so much about a field I initially knew nothing about. A month later I wanted to implement further automation into my department, but I realized that my learning became capped by my full-time job at Princess Margaret, and more advanced resources and topics became harder to understand. It was at this time where I decided to change my life by enrolling into a 3-month Fully-Immersive Web Development course at Bitmaker Labs.

Bitmaker Labs

I remember my first day of class, waking up in the morning feeling a mixture of regret and excitement. The moment I stepped into the building, reality came crashing down and my anxieties got the best of me when I realized that it was too late to turn back. That day I met my classmates, the instructors, student experience manager, and career coach. At the end of my first day I was left with excitement from taking my first step into the tech industry. The next 3 months were composed of staying up late, reiterating the topics I learned to myself, and constant disbelief in my ability to use CSS. It was rough, but everyday was a blessing as I was learning so much more than I could possibly learn by myself. The faculty at Bitmaker is very encouraging, but the friends I made within my cohort were the support that kept my beliefs and projection of the future up high. The course ended late November 2018, it was a bitter-sweet moment when the last day of class rolled by. We were tasked now to finding a job and learning individually through tutorials and projects.

Retrospective Coding Boot Camp

Within these 3 months I’ve taken it upon myself to learn more about React, Content Management Systems (CMS), advance CSS and SASS, GraphQL, and Netlify. The website that’s hosting this blog section was built with everything I’ve learned since graduating from Bitmaker. Retrospectively, I’m happy that I made this change in my life. I realized that everything takes time, and it’s just a matter of time until things fall into place. My goal is to learn more about the overall structure of producing a website, and what I need to do to make my websites accessible to everyone. Everyday, I like to challenge my curiosity, and the reason why is because coding is fun.